Navit car navigation system Navit car navigation system

Nightly Builds

The nightly builds are bleeding edge and available for a variety of Operating Systems. Higher numbers are most recent.



Windows CE and Mobile

If you wish to install Navit on the device, download the .cab file and install it. It is recomended that you download the zip file and copy this onto an SD card instead.


We are now providing access to frequently updated beta releases via the Google Play store. If you want to get the beta version instead of the production one, you just need to subscribe to this google group and you will get automatic updates each time a new beta is released. How nice is that? :)

If you'd rather download an apk directly from our servers, please choose : Android - ARMv5

ARMv5 processors, should be compatible with most Android devices, including HTC Desire Z, Motorola Droid/Milestone, Samsung I7500 Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700, Samsung Galaxy S, SE Xperia X10

Android - ARMv4

ARMv4 processors, only found in unofficial ports. This version should also work on other Android phones but the ARMv5 version is recommended. Devices which require this version include Neo Freerunner (running Android).

Android - ARMv5TE

ARMv5TE processors: HTC Desire Z works with this build



You can also use the Maemo point-and-click-installer. This will add a repository on the tablet this keeping you updated with the newest versions.

Note: Navit requests the file, but an up to date N810 uses the updated version 0.9.8. To use Navit, you need to make a symlink such as:

ln /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/


Navit converts openstreetmap data on a daily basis. You can download an rectangular area or the whole planet at

self compile

Navit can be compiled for a variety of Operating Systems. The most generic way to get Navit, via Git, is

git clone

There are a variety of dependencies that will you will need to take care of, in order to compile.